An arm lift is a cosmetic surgery procedures that improves the shape of the arms, typically the upper arms, by removing all the excess skin as well as fat.

During the procedure your doctor will target the sagging between the armpits and elbow to give your arms a rejuvenated look. The procedure is suitable for you if you have stubborn sagging due to aging or weight loss that doesn’t respond well to exercise.

How to Prepare for an Arm Lift

– Do not eat or drink anything for 6-8 hours before a breast lift. Consult your doctor if you can’t commit to this time range.

  • If you drink alcohol, you must stop 2 weeks before your arm lift
  • If you smoke, you should stop starting from 2 weeks before your arm lift
  • Stop using vitamin E and blood thinners 2 weeks before your surgery

Arm Lift Procedure


Our team Esthete Clinic will run routine blood tests before applying general anesthesia. This is to make sure that you’re in a good condition for surgery. Following this, we’ll administer your general anesthesia preparing you for surgery.


In an arm lift, you doctor will make incisions on the inner side of the arms. This is to hide your scars after recovery.

There is no standard length or pattern for the incision. Because this will depend mostly on your problem areas and your goals.

Through the incisions, your doctor will access the muscle and tissue layer underneath to tighten them. The changes will be secured by sutures and then cut away the excess skin. If you have fat that needs to be removed, your doctor will use liposuction to get rid of it.

The procedure of arm lift ends by your doctor smoothing out the skin and putting it back in place. Using stitches, your doctor will close off the incisions.

Post surgery

You’ll remain for an hour in the operation room before your medical team at Esthete Clinic transfer your to your hospital room. You won’t be able to see the results because elastic bandages will cover your arms post an arm lift. Underneath the bandages your doctor will place drains to remove all the excess fluid and blood discharge.

Arm Lift Recovery

Swelling is very normal after the procedure, the elastic band helps reduce this. You can further alleviate edema after an arm lift by positioning your arms at an elevated angle.

You’ll come for a follow up within 2 days where your doctor will remove the drains. Following this you’ll begin to wear a compression sleeve to get the best results with an arm lift.

Some instructions to keep in mind to avoid sabotaging your arm lift results

  • Avoid any jarring or big movements that involve your arms and chest four to eight weeks after an arm lift
  • Never lift your arms above your shoulder four weeks after an arm lift
  • Avoid strenuous exercise four to eight weeks after surgery
  • Stick to your medication schedule and use your ointments as per your doctor’s instructions

Results of Arm Lift 

An arm lift can restore the toned look of your upper arms giving them a youthful firmness.

Results of arm lift results are long lasting if you maintain your weight. Some firmness might fade as you age which is very natural.

Candidates For Arm Lift

Youre suitable for an arm lift if you meet the following conditions:

  • Have no last of poor wound healing
  • Have excess or sagging skin around your arms

Duration or Arm Lift

An arm lift procedure can last between an hour to three hours.

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