While considering going for gastric sleeve operation in Turkey – the land where one can get benefits of cheap medical procedures along with the best treatments – you should be excellent with details. Our blog has been created to give you an overview of “how much is a gastric sleeve in Turkey” in detail, containing…

Breast augmentation Surgery is a procedure that alters the natural size of the breasts by increasing them. It can be done in many ways, some less invasive than others. In a breast augmentation surgery your doctor can use your own fat to increase the breast of your size. But other approaches involve the use of [...]
Obesity is a chronic condition that leaves individuals suffering both mentally and physically. It is a lead cause for heart disease and inflicts various health complications such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, apnea, and liver disease on patients suffering from it. Gastric bypass is a surgery that helps morbidly obese people lose weight. [...]
The gastric balloon is a procedure that belongs to the family of bariatric medicine. The technique is designed to assist individuals suffering from obesity to successfully lose weight. Some consider the treatment life-changing for giving them the push they needed to embark on their weight loss journey.  Particularly those who aren’t suitable candidates for surgical [...]
VASER liposuction is one of several liposuction techniques that remove excess weight with a minimally invasive approach. The technique of liposuction hasn’t been around for long, so it is relatively cutting-edge with many benefits. VASER is short for  (V)vibration (A)mplification of (S)ound (E)nergy at (R)resonance. Although VASER liposuction removes excess weight, it isn’t a weight [...]
The tummy tuck belt is an emerging at-home weight loss technology. With minimal activity & effort contrasted by its promising results, the tummy tuck belt is taking the world by storm. For the near-immediate results it claims to provide, there is no surgical intervention or downtime. In short, it’s the abdomen you want on a [...]
Abominoplasty is commonly called a tummy tuck and it is an excellent way to flatten the abdominal region. You may wonder how a tummy tuck is different from liposuction; liposuction involves removing only fat cells while an abdominoplasty is more complicated and also entails removal of extra skin and tightening up of the tissues. The [...]
Bariatric surgery is any type of surgery that adjusts your digestive system in some way so that you can lose weight. It is only used when a person is overweight to the extent that they are obese and that this poses a significant risk to their health, yet they are not so unhealthy as to [...]
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