Breast augmentation Surgery is a procedure that alters the natural size of the breasts by increasing them. It can be done in many ways, some less invasive than others. In a breast augmentation surgery your doctor can use your own fat to increase the breast of your size. But other approaches involve the use of silicone implants.

We’ll discuss the best type of breast augmentation surgery for you. In addition to how you should prepare and what to expect after the procedure.

What Is A Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases the size of the breast. Whether by implanting your own fat cell or using implants under the fat or muscle layer of the breasts; breast augmentation offers a natural finish.

While it’s most commonly sought after to enhance the size of the breasts, it also corrects proportionality problems.

Breast Augmentation Process

1. Breast Augmentation Surgery With Implants

In this type of breast augmentation surgery your doctor needs to make an incision in one of three locations. These include:

– The crease under the breast, referred to as the inframammary incision

– Under the arms, referred to as the axillary incision

– Around the nipples referred to as the periareolar incision.

The placement of the decision depends on your anatomy, the shape you’re going for, and even the size of the implant. Your doctor will take you through it all.

Once your doctor makes the incisons, they’ll separate the layers of tissue underneath.

Your doctor will isolate your breast tissue from the connective and muscle tissues in the breast.  This placement creates room for the implant where you doctor then positions the implants precisely in the pocket. The perfect alignment would be to center the implants behind the nipples.

There are two types of implants for breast augmentation surgery:

  • Saline
  • Silicone

For saline implants, the implants are inserted empty and then filled with saline solution. Whereas silicone implants are placed pre-filled with silicone gel.

Once done, your surgeon will suture the incisions and bandage them.

2- Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Surgery

Fat transfer breast augmentation surgery isn’t for everyone. Although it yields the most natural looking results, you must have excess fat. During this procedure, your doctor removes unwanted fat from any area on the body.

Your doctor will let you know which areas are suitable for far extraction. Likewise they’ll tell you if you’re a suitable candidate for this type of breast augmentation surgery all together.

The fat transfer breast augmentation process works over two stages. The first stage involves liposuction. It’s minimally invasive and doesn’t induce large incisions.

Next comes the injection of these fat cells into the breasts. The injections happens systemically to achieve the desired effect.

How Do You Prepare For Breast Augmentation


Before the procedure you will have met with your doctor to discuss all your details. These include the size of your breasts, shape, and feel.

Textured implants give a firm feel and they can come as round or tear-shaped. Smooth implants have a softer appeal but they only come as round shaped.

A mammogram isn’t always necessary, but your doctor may ask for one.

You doctor will also let you know what medications to stop using shortly before your breast augmentation surgery. Likewise, you’ll stop drinking alcohol or smoking around 10 days before your breast augmentation

Have Realistic Expectations

This another way to prepare mentally for your breast augmentation surgery. Know what your procedure can achieve.

It will not prevent your breasts from sagging. Overtime, despite having either fear-transfer or implants, your breasts will eventually sag. You can correct this with a breast lift.

Another thing to remember is that breast implants are not permanent. You have to opt for the surgery every 10 years if you’ve had an implant. If you’ve had fat transfer, weight fluctuations will impact this. So there’s no telling how soon you’ll need another surgery. But if you should maintain your weight, it’s long lasting.

What To Expect After A Breast Augmentation

Your breast will be in bandages so you can’t see the results right away. Both swelling and bruising are both natural and will go away on their own within a week to two weeks.

Scars are not much, they’ll fade in visibility but they won’t completely go away.

Here’s a list of things you’ll have to do to recover:

  • wear a compression bra
  • Take pain meds as told
  • Do as your surgeon tells you
  • Don’t go back to regular activities unless your doctor tells you
  • Never engage in strenuous activities (anything that can spike up your blood pressure)
  • Make sure to not make sudden movements with your hands
  • Commit to your follow-up appointments to remove sutures and drainage tubes

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We also offer services to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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