And eye lift surgery is a procedure that rejuvenates the eyes by giving them a youthful lift. With the years the skin looses elasticity and firmness. As a result your features begin to droop. The eyelids are among the first features to show signs of aging.

And their sagging causes even more wrinkles which takes away years from your appearance. It’s for this many reasons numerous celebrities and I influencers in the beauty industry have had an eye lift surgery.

The eyelid lift surgery can, without exaggeration, rejuvenate your face. It lifts up the eyelids and removes excess skin. Which in turn brights the skin and adds a charming glow to the eyes.

Here’s everything you need to know about the eye lift surgery.

What Happens In An Eye Lift Surgery?

The eye lift surgery is a procedure that removes excess skin & fat on the lower and upper eyelids. An eye lift surgery is rarely a medical necessity. Most people seek it for cosmetic reasons and its beautifying effect. Although with severe drooping, patients seek it for better vision as the excess skin partially blocks or limits their sight range.

The eye lift surgery is a 2 hour procedure on average that your doctor typically performs with local anesthesia. Although if you prefer, your doctor can use general anesthesia for your eye lift surgery. The procedure time would be shorter if you’re only treating one eyelid.

In an eye lift surgery, your doctor makes the incision along the natural lines around your lids. This ensures that no scars are visible after your eyelid lift procedure.

Through these incisons, your doctor targets and cuts away at the excess skin, fat, and even muscles if necessary.

To hold these changes your doctor sutures the incisions. But these stitches are commonly for the upper lid. This is because an eye lift surgery on the bottom lid only involves small & invisible cuts along the eyelash line.

What To Expect After An Eye Lift Surgery?

After an eye lift surgery your doctor will place an ointment to moisturize your eyes. Your vision will likely be blurred due to minor swelling or bruising in the area. It’s natural to have some sensitivity towards light in the first few hours after an eye lift surgery.

Your eyes will also likely be watery. But placing cold compressors on your eyes to keep the swelling go a minimum. We also recommend that you sleep at an inclined angle to alleviate the swelling. Your doctors will provide you with all the information you need for after care.

Results Of Eye Surgery

Results of an eye lift surgery are instantaneous. Although it wold be difficult to observe initially due to the slight swelling and bruising. But in 3 days to a week your eyes will look entirely natural. Most if not all of the swelling will go away.

You should expect the results of your eyelid lift procedure to last for at least 5 to 7 years for your upper eyelids. Whereas the results of eye lift surgery for your lower lid can be almost permanent.

Limitations Of Eye Lift Surgery

While the eye lift surgery has many benefits, it’s important to keep realistic expectations. For example, an eyelid lift procedure doesn’t correct darkness under the eyes. It also doesn’t correct the crow’s feet or any wrinkles around the eyes for the matter.

 Non-Surgical Alternatives

1- Botox Eye Lift

Botox is among the biggest cosmetic procedures in the beauty industry. And it’s applications are super versatile. It works by temporarily paralyzing muscles to remove wrinkles & make minor changes to your features.

By lifting the eyebrows with Botox your lid can get a lift as a result. But it doesn’t substitue an eye lift surgery. Because Botox isn’t capable of removing excess skin or fat.

You can opt for Botox after an eye lift surgery to keep the effects of the surgery. Particularly for the upper lids since the effects of an eye lift begin to wear down after 7 years or so.

2- Plasma Eye Lift

Plasma or PRP eye lift is another non-surgical alternative to eye lift surgery. It uses your own blood and injects back into your lids after a process of centrifugation.  This stimulates collagen production and rejuvenates the skin. But likewise it is no replacement for the eye lift surgery because it doesn’t get rid of excess skin and fat. But it is a great treatment to consider after an eye lift. You can also use this as a prevention approach to avoid your lids from sagging. While it doesn’t completely prevent your eyelids from dropping, it can delay the occurrence.

 3- Eye Lift Creams

Anti-aging products such as eye lift creams are a great preventive approach. But similarly, if you suffer from dropping eyelids, they can’t take over an eye lift surgery.

Eye Lift Surgery In Turkey

If you’re interested in having an eye lift surgery in Turkey, equal parts because of the low costs and high quality, AkayLife will cover everything for you. We’re the biggest medical tourism coordinators in Turkey. And we don’t work for any health care providers. We’re here for you. Our medical consultants annually inspect the list of hospitals we collaborate with. This way we can make sure that all the hospitals we work with  are JCI approved and operating above board. So when you contact us for your eye lift surgery in Turkey we find the best medical match for you.

Based on your budget, medical case, and even preference. Our options aren’t limited to Istanbul we work with hospitals from all over Turkey.

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The Takeaway

An eye lift surgery is also known as blepharoplasty is a rejuvenating and beautifying procedure. It restores the youthful firmness of the eyes and provides long lasting results.

Most of the nonsurgical alternatives do not work efficiently. And are better as either as preventive or enhancing treatments either pre or post eye lift surgery.

The procedure has no downtime and the recovery is rather quick and short. But make sure you follow your surgeon’s instructions.

For any inquiries about eye lift surgery in Turkey, contact us.

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