Facial and Neck lifting with ropes is a rejuvenating treatment that attempts to correct signs of aging in the face and neck.

These symptoms include loss of elasticity and loosening to the skin as well as the appearance of wrinkles as the muscles of the face and neck begin to wear down.

Although face lift with ropes is not an application that stops aging; it is a treatment that provides the face with a younger appearance via stretching of the skin and the deeper tissues under the skin.

Candidates for Face Lift

Whether you are suitable for a face lift with ropes is something our doctors will have to determine upon examination. But generally if you meet the following conditions you’re likely to be suitable for the procedure:

  • You have no past of poor wounding healing
  • You don’t have serious illnesses
  • Your face is beginning to show signs of dropping but skin elasticity is still present
  • Your facial bone structure is in place

What Can Face Lift with Ropes Achieve

Face and neck lift procedures are personal, and treatment areas can vary from one person to another. At Esthete Clinic we perform non-surgical face lifting to features such as the nose, the eyebrows, the jaw, cheeks and other specific areas. These applications are effective to a particular extent and can’t always replace surgical methods.

Duration of Face and Neck Lift with Ropes

The estimated time of the procedure is 30 to 60 minutes

Procedure of Face Lift with Ropes


Your doctor will apply numbing cream or inject local anesthesia into your face before beginning with the procedure. Your doctor will also mark the areas on your face that will need treatment to plan out the procedure.


Your doctor will inject biological sutures into the connective tissue just 5 mm under problems areas and strategically lift the muscles and tissue layer underneath. These sutures will dissolve on their own after a while. There are many types of ropes that you can use in a non-surgical face lift, but their function isn’t to permanently lift the face up. Instead, the procedure stimulates collagen production allowing your skin to repair it self and restore its collagen.

Post procedure

The procedure has no downtime and you can immediately return to your social life. You will receive and antibiotic cream which you’ll have to apply to the treated areas twice daily for 5 days.

You will have to reduce chewing as excessively moving your jaw can spoil the results. Eat soft foods, avoid chewing gum and hard foods such a apples for 3 weeks.Likewise don’t massage your face for 3 weeks and protect your face from direct sun rays during this time period as well.

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