Turkey is most known for its hair transplant industry where millions have visited to have their hair retouched successfully in the last decade. It has been since the early 2010s the go to destination breaking records with its innovative technologies and spectacular results.

Hair Transplant in Turkey with Esthete Clinic

With Esthete Clinic, Turkey’s biggest hair transplant destination and the address for government certified procedures, your hair transplant in Turkey is made special.

At Esthete Clinic, we believe that a successful hair transplant starts with preparation up until aftercare. For this reason, we ensure that you’re in a peaceful state of mind from your arrival to your departure.

We offer services that cover everything from your accommodation to your transportation and translation. Our staff will arrange your stay in a luxurious hotel room for comfort and tranquility throughout your stay. We’ll cover your transportation between hotel, hospitals, and airport in deluxe private cars. Likewise, we’ll help you break the language barrier by providing interpretation services to suit your mother tongue.

Hair Transplant Before After - Esthete Clinic Turkey

Hair Transplant Techniques in Turkey

At Esthete Clinic, we exclusively offer top technologies that provide the best natural looking results.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is a basic and practical hair transplant technology that was a great breakthrough in the early 2000s. Although it was eclipsed by modern technology, FUE hair transplant remains relevant to due to its ability to provide the bare minimum. FUE ensures a natural finish with no scarring or side effects on both the donor and recipient sites while not performing extraordinarily in terms of density and thickness. Likewise, recovery is relatively short with no complications.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire FUE hair transplant is a revolutionary treatment that uses the special benefits of the precious sapphire stone to increase the performance of hair transplant. The instrument is a pen-like attached to a transparent sapphire tip in the shape of a diamond. Sapphire is a biomaterial that stimulates the production of collagen and by extension healing making it easier for your skin to heal. Likewise, it’s sharp tip and transparent structure allows surgeons to open channels with high precision and increasing compactness.

Sapphire FUE provides high hair density results with no side effects or scarring and a very rapid recovery period.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Is short for direct hair implantation and refers to a popular hair transplant technique that uses special instrument with a hollow-needle like tip. With the DHI technique your surgeons don’t have to open channels in the recipient site before hand. Instead, we can directly implant the follicles into recipient site with this special pen.

It is very precise and provides high hair density. But most importantly it cuts treatment time greatly and finishes the procedure under record time compared to other techniques.

Hair Transplant Before After - Esthete Clinic Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Permanently reverse your baldness and regain your youth by reclaiming your hair. With cutting edge technology enjoy life-long hair that is natural looking and compatible with your features.

  • Professional hairline design performed by seasoned surgeons with an exceptional eye for aesthetics.
  • No scarring or side effects
  • Top technologies that study the quality of your hair for a once only hair transplant.

Eyebrow Transplant 

Glove a pair of daring eyebrows with technologies that make your eyebrow transportation feel effortless.

  • Modern practices for natural-looking eyebrows that you can thread and wax.
  • Top precision for scarless eyebrows.
  • Advanced technologies to evaluate the quality of donor hair for permanent brows.

Beard Transplant

Get the beard you deserve in your prime for a handsome appeal and higher self esteem. Overcome your genetics or reverse accidents to achieve an unparalleled natural beard.

  • Cutting-edge methods for a thick beard
  • An aesthetic vision for a beard outline that matches your features
  • Elaborate evaluation of donor hair for a permanent beard.

Eyelash Transplant

Get beautiful curved lashes that carry your elegance at their edge for life. Leave behind exhausting hair salon appointments and enhance your beauty for good and naturally.

  • Permanent lashes that bring out your beauty
  • State-of-the-art techniques for natural looking results
  • No downtime, no scars, and no side effects.

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