How much is gastric sleeve in Turkey

While considering going for gastric sleeve operation in Turkey – the land where one can get benefits of cheap medical procedures along with the best treatments – you should be excellent with details. Our blog has been created to give you an overview of “how much is a gastric sleeve in Turkey” in detail, containing the all including cost, eligibility and post-surgery apprehensions.

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is another bariatric procedure, which has gained recognition among obesity experts as one of the most effective weight loss tools, providing not only good results, but also being done in a very simple way. Such a surgical method entails the removal of a large section of the stomach which roughly equals to 75% to 80% in size and in its place, a thin tube like structure, referred to as “sleeve”, is left.

The surgery is commonly done laparoscopically, a term used to refer to a minimally invasive technique in which it is done with small incisions and use of a camera and special tools. This particular technique minimizes the prospects of hazards and frequently the rehabilitation period is shorter compared to the more advanced surgeries​​.

The main goal of gastric sleeve procedure is cutting down the amount of food entering the stomach pouch which is done by 75% (as compared to the naturally normal, i.e. non-operated). Such a situation not only limits the level of food one can eat at any time but it also extends the time of eaters’ connectivity to the feeling of fullness for a long term. Further, the procedure alters gut hormones that are linked to appetite regulation, thus there might be fewer hunger sensations and further, the sense of fullness.

How Much is a Gastric Sleeve in Turkey: Understanding the Costs

Yes, gastric sleeve costs in Turkey can differ quite a lot according to the number of factors like what clinic & hospital you choose, who is doing your surgery, and where you are treated as well.

Generally, the cost varies at a level between €2,000 and €5,000, which is less than that of Western countries​​​​. These expenses are dependable upon a charge of the surgeon, stay in the hospital and any other requisites such as follow-up care or any additional treatment wanted.

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Who is Eligible for Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Only after evaluating the patient in light of some specific criteria to rule out the possibility of complications and assure that the practice is efficacious, gastric sleeve surgery is recommended. Here’s a summary of the main eligibility requirements:Here’s a summary of the main eligibility requirements:

Age Range

As a rule, people of age 18 and up to 65 years old are viewed as suitable candidates for the surgery, making sure that the patient is prepared personally and has enough patience​​.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI of the patients should be 35 and more. This is a vital indicator we use to measure whether a person is at the point between obese and overweight; therefore a weight loss surgery can be administered to them based on this result.​​​

Health Conditions

The availability of comorbid health conditions regarding obesity, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea, can also let the individual to be considered for this procedure provided these conditions are not efficiently controlled by other means​.

Previous Weight Loss Efforts

The candidates should be morbidly obese turning to many treatment methods such as exercise, diet and medication. This surgery is often done after patients have months of physical therapy and steroid injections without any improvement.

Post-Surgery Care

Postoperative care is as important as the surgery itself because where the weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery is concerned, a successful recovery is vital to achieve the best outcome. Here’s a breakdown of the key aspects of post-operative care:Here’s a breakdown of the key aspects of post-operative care:

Dietary Changes

Implement the diet that will be instructed by your surgeon and it will usually start with a liquid one.
Phasically change vegetable or fruits care for a couple of weeks then start soft foods and terminate with solid foods over several weeks.
High-protein, low-carb​ foods must be your main focus and avoid the sugary and high-carb foods.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Supplement with recommended supplements, to avoid dietary inadequacies.
Such multivitamin preparations often consist of many vitamins to form a complex like vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and vitamin D.


Drink plenty of water and low-calorie fluids to stay hydrated.
Abstain from drinking beverages 30 minutes before and after meals so as to leave the stomach with space to fill in.

Physical Activity

Start with light activities like walking and do big exercises a few days after the operation.
Take up the recommendation from your healthcare provider, start modestly at first and build up your physical activity levels gradually.

Follow-up Visits

Ensure to attend all scheduled follow-up appointments with your surgeon and the other healthcare members as a part of your recovery plan.
Such visits must be conducted periodically to ensure that you are recovering well​​, your weight loss is mapped, and all the issues are addressed, if any.

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Wrapping Up How Much is a Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

Attending gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey might be an optimal choice for those who need a quick solution to their weight loss problem. Medical tourism in fields relating to the heart takes a lead in the territory of Turkey, with several sources for funding and especially due to the high quality of care at a price which would be difficult to find elsewhere around the world.

For the customer who is planning to undergo this amazing operation, Esthete Clinic will provide you with the customized services which will be tailor-made for you from consultations to postoperative monitoring for a quality treatment. Check your options before beginning to take a step towards a healthier you here with us.

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