Turkey has become one of the biggest destination for hair transplant in recent years. Thousands of patients visit the country every month from all over the world to get their locks back. Factors from excellence of surgical skills to luxury services and advanced technologies are all putting Turkey on a pedestal as the biggest attraction for hair restoration.

As the allure of the Turkish hair transplant industry continues to grow, it is met with a wave of interested patients who don’t know how to begin. So if you’re looking to get your hair transplant in Turkey, here’s how you should start.

What Is Hair Transplantation?

If you’re unfamiliar with hair transplantation then it’s the one effective and permanent hair restoration procedure in the world. This practice is a micro-surgical procedure that doesn’t involve general anaesthesia or large incisions to conduct. Simply, and using cutting-edge techniques your doctor strategically identifies donor areas in your head. These are the areas that have high hair density and won’t be affected if your doctor extracts a few hair follicles from them.

Once the ideal donor areas are defined, your doctor then opens channels on the balding areas. You will be under the effect of local anaesthesia and won’t feel any pain from neither the extraction phase nor the channel-opening. After opening the channels, your doctor takes the hair follicles one by one and implants them in the channels in the recipient site.

How Many Techniques Are There?

Hair transplant techniques are vast but there’s only a few that are worth considering. For instance, the first ever hair transplant technique to emerge the FUT hair transplant is a technique that is slowly disappearing from the market. Especially since there are better alternatives, it isn’t recommended for patients to seek the FUT treatment and deal with its side effects.

The FUT technique is the most invasive of all techniques, and leaves behind a permanent and visible scar as well as nerve damage in the area. These side effects come because unlike the other techniques, FUT doesn’t extract hair follicles one by one. Instead your doctor will have to cut a compelete strip of skin from your scalp and later stitch the area.

Other techniques that you can consider to avoid these side effects include:

1- Micro FUE

Micro FUE came after the FUT technique and this technique individually extracts hair follicles unlike the FUT technique. Therefore, side effects like scarring and nerve damage aren’t present.

2- Sapphire FUE

Sapphire FUE is another advanced technique in hair transplant practices. This technique uses sapphire to make the procedure instruments such as the scalpel to use in channel-opening. The use of Sapphire stimulates collagen production an element that’s necessary for faster and smoother healing. Therefore, this technique offers shorter healing times.

3- DHI Technique

Direct hair implantation (DHI) is the most recent of all techniques. This practice is verg time efficient and practical. Using a needle-like pen your doctor inserts individual hair follicles into the pen. Then and without opening channels in the scalp, your doctor inserts the needle in the scalp opening a channel and inserting the hair follicle all at once.

How to Get a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The process is very direct and simple to complete. Typically, you’ll start by getting an online consultation which we provide for free at Esthete Clinic. The purpose of those online consultation is to get an approximate analysis of your case. We’ll ask you questions about your medical history and try to identify the cause of your hair loss. We’ll also request pictures of your scalp to see if you have enough donor hair that we can extract to cover balding areas.

Once we find you’re suitable for a hair transplant all you’ll have to do is pay for you ticket. Every other aspect of your travel arrangements we’ll gladly handle. From luxury accommodation, to receiving you from the airport and providing you with a personal driver.

To break the language barrier, we’ll also assign you a professional interpreter.

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