Deformities, whether acquired or congenital are very common in the ears. Although, some deformities are more common than others, for instance the prominent ear. The prominent ear refers to a condition where the anthelix or the ear fold doesn’t fully develop.

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that attempts to correct deformities and restore symmetry.

How to Prepare for Otoplasty

Starting from midnight the night before surgery, you should stop consuming foods and drinks. If you have a chronic disease and need to take medications, consult your doctor. Stop the use of blood thinners such as medications including aspirin and vitamins E.

Otoplasty Procedure


Otoplasty is a surgery that you can perform under general or regional anesthesia. For children, the surgeon only performs the surgery under general anesthesia.


During surgery, your doctor will make incisions on the back of the ear to reduce scarring. Other times, the incisions take place in between the folds. You can discuss the type of incisions most suitable for your condition with your doctor.

After making the incisions your doctor will reshape the cartilage and fold it into place. The changes will be secured with internal and external sutures.

After Surgery

After surgery, you’ll find bandages around your ears. And as the anesthetic begins to wear off you’ll start to feel mild pain. But your doctor will give you painkillers to keep the symptoms under control.

Itching is very normal, yet you shouldn’t scratch your ears.

Recovery After Otoplasty

Recovering from otoplasty can be a smooth process. There are some instructions that you must follow to avoid complications. Make sure you sleep on your back and keep off the pressure off your ears.

Your doctor will remove the bandages in a few days. Results will be immediate, but as the swelling goes down with time, your results will look better.

During recovery, it’s best to wear a headband to keep your ears in shape. It’s ideal to wear the headband during nighttime as well.

Our doctors at Esthete Clinic will instruct you on how to shower and when you can go back to work. Use all the medications and ointments your doctor provides according to instructions.

Duration of Otoplasty

The average duration of the procedure is around 2 hours in length.

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