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Nowadays, People are more conscious of how they look than ever before. Thankfully, there is a corresponding increase in the options available to people who want to change how they look or simply improve their appearance. For people who have a receding hairline, thin hair, or people who have suffered hair loss, they are not left without a remedy. There are different hair transplantation methods by which they can improve the appearance of their hair, the sapphire hair transplantation method being the most common. This article will explain everything there is to know about Sapphire hair transplant in Turkey.

What is the Sapphire Hair Transplant Method?

Sapphire hair transplant is a surgical procedure that is becoming increasingly popular among people who are looking to fix hair issues like thinning and hair loss. It is a popular type of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplantation technique where individual hair follicles are extracted for transplantation.

It is called Sapphire Hair Transplant because the procedure is done using blades made from sapphire. These blades are used because they are more precise than steel and are sharp enough to create small incisions on the scalp. This helps reduce scabbing and facilitates a smoother healing process. Apart from the scalp, this method can be used to transplant hair to the eyebrows, moustache and other areas.

Preparation for the Sapphire Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey

Before starting the sapphire hair transplant procedure, your doctor will examine you to ensure you don’t have any existing health issues that will complicate the process. They may also advise you to quit drinking alcohol and smoking for a few days before the procedure. If you are on any anticoagulants, they will also instruct you to stop taking them a week before the procedure, with the approval of the doctor who prescribed it. Remember that the sapphire hair transplant procedure is surgical, so choose a clinic that you’re sure you can trust

The Sapphire Hair Transplant Procedure in Turkey

Sapphire hair transplant in Turkey

The Sapphire Hair Transplant Procedure goes thus:

  • First, the donor area is prepared. This involves shaving the hair and giving the patient anaesthesia to ensure that they don’t feel pain throughout the procedure.
  • After the preparation, small incisions are made on the target area with sapphire blades. These incisions are done carefully and according to the patient’s desire. This is a very important stage of the sapphire hair transplant procedure.
  • Next, the follicular unit extraction is done using hollow needles that range from  0.7 to 1 mm in diameter to extract grafts from the donor area. Each of these grafts contains between one to four hairs. After extraction, the grafts are put in a liquid solution that will help preserve them while the implantation process goes on. They are also checked and sorted during this stage.
  • At the final stage, the implantation is done. With micro forceps, the hair follicles will be transplanted one by one into the small incisions made in the target area.

If you’re considering undergoing this procedure, there is nothing for you to be afraid of because it is not a painful one. It is also not very invasive, so it is a common option for many patients.


Advantages of Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey

  1. Minimal Scarring

The Sapphire hair transplantation method involves using sapphire blades instead of steel blades. The precision of these blades makes it easy to create smaller cuts which translate to smaller and less obvious scars.

  1. Natural Results

The results are very natural. The precision of the blade also makes it easy for surgeons to create small incisions that have the same appearance as the natural direction and angle of normal hair growth. After your hair grows, it may be hard for people to tell that you had a hair transplant surgery.

  1. Fast Recovery

The blades also cause less trauma to the scalp. This means the healing stage gets to move faster than other techniques. We’ve seen many of our patients who underwent the sapphire hair transplant in Turkey go back to their daily lives as soon as they wanted to. This also makes the procedure a good option.

  1. Minimal Discomfort

Because the incisions made on the scalp are so small, our patients barely experience any pain or discomfort during and after the procedure. If you are concerned about the pain you may experience, this is us saying you need not worry.

  1. Denser Hair

If you are looking for a transplant method that gives you denser hair, the sapphire hair transplantation method in Turkey is a good option. The blades allow for more incisions to be made, meaning that more hair follicles can be transplanted, and you can get a fuller head of hair.

Aftercare of the Sapphire Hair Transplantation Procedure in Turkey

After your sapphire hair transplant procedure, make sure you don’t rub your head with your hand or against any surfaces for the first ten days. Be careful too so that you don’t hit your head anywhere. We advise our patients to wear clothes with buttons or zips so that they can put on their clothes without the usual friction on the scalp. Also, avoid doing any activities or environments that will make you sweat within the first two weeks. Don’t take Turkish baths or go swimming until after a month. Finally, make sure to abide by whatever specific instructions your doctor gives you so that you can have a faster and smoother healing process.

When Does Your Hair Start Growing Back?

When you undergo the sapphire hair transplantation method, your hair starts growing back immediately after the procedure, but it may take up to 6 months for the growth to be satisfactory. In all, you may have to wait for about two years for the procedure to have its full effect, and you can start enjoying your full head of hair.

If you are interested in getting this procedure done, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with us if you have any questions or want to get started. We have an experienced team of doctors who are ready to give you the best treatment possible.

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