Tummy tuck belt

The tummy tuck belt is an emerging at-home weight loss technology. With minimal activity & effort contrasted by its promising results, the tummy tuck belt is taking the world by storm. For the near-immediate results it claims to provide, there is no surgical intervention or downtime.

In short, it’s the abdomen you want on a gold platter. But there is definitely some sugar-coating going on. So without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the tummy tuck belt.

Tummy Tuck Belt Review

The tummy tuck belt works in 2 steps. For starters, you’ll apply a cream on your abdomen and love handles. It doesn’t say what the cream is for or how it works. Then you wear your belt, which manufacturers insist is “not like any other.” Because the tummy tuck belt looks like a regular shaper, manufactures had to highlight how it stands out. Apparently, this belt triggers a phenomenon known as the “after-burn.”

The way this concept is merged with the TT belt indicates that after 10 minutes of wear only, your body continues to burn fat for hours after.

In several ads, typically showing someone getting into shape, manufacturers claim that this technology is supported by research. But there is no solid research on the topic of the tummy tuck belt or its efficacy.

Research On The Tummy Tuck Belt

As we stated above, there is no direct research. The manufacturers of the Tummy Tuck Belt reference two studies from poor sources.

The available research on non-surgical Tummy Tuck includes a few methods that work. And as we discuss the methods below, you’ll find that the tummy tuck belt isn’t within these categories.

Effective Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck Techniques:

1- Wearing a body shaper while exercising can encourage fat burning. But a body shaper or a tummy tuck belt alone can’t have that effect on fat burning. You must couple the item with exercise to see the best results.

2- Other techniques in non-surgical tummy tuck include the following:

  • Laser therapy
  • Shockwave
  • Radiofrequency
  • Focused ultrasound
  • Body vibrations

All the available data suggests that the above methods do work. But while they do their effect is mild. Meaning that if you depend on them entirely for your tummy tuck, it will take ages for results to show. That is if you’re eating healthy, to say the least.

But to get optimal results from these technologies you can add stricter food and exercise regimen to get in shape. It’s also the most guaranteed way.

But when coupling it with a non-surgical tummy tuck, you can see amazing results.

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Alternatives to the Tummy Tuck Belt That Work?

While the options we mentioned above do work, they don’t really get the job done effortlessly. So if you’re looking for results that the tummy tuck belt claims, but with a better guarantee then you can consider the tummy tuck surgery.

It’s immediate, natural-looking, and also long-lasting. In a tummy tuck procedure, you’ll be under general anesthesia but some cases can do with local anesthesia.

So what happens then is that your doctor makes incisions on your abdomen to remove excess fat and skin. Another thing your doctor will do is give the muscles underneath some firmness and then once the procedure is over your doctor will suture these changes in place.

Recovery won’t be that difficult if you follow what your doctor tells you. Take light walks around the room during the first week to help boost blood circulation to the area.

Many celebrities, mothers after birth, and people with excess weight opt for tummy tuck surgery to restore their abdomen. Even after gaining weight, the area doesn’t get affected as much.


Where Is a Trustworthy Place to Get a Tummy Tuck?

For the most part, the biggest contributor to botched results is costs. A tummy tuck procedure can be quite costly that many begin to wander off to less legitimate options. Whether it be a poor quality hospital or even ineffective techniques like the tummy tuck belt.

Because many people have issues with the high costs of medical care in their home countries, countries like Turkey began booming as the medical tourism sector grows.

We then saw the opportunities the field provides and likewise the risks that come with it. So we launched Esthete Clinic to help health tourists find safe tummy tuck.

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